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Kareen is a Mindfulness Expert and Founder of Calmify, delivering engaging, vibrant mindfulness sessions that help her audience to find calm and focus on what matters most in their personal and working life.


Her work has taken her to events all over the country, with her music incorporated mindfulness sessions making Calmify a big hit at festivals such as the Manchester Mindfulness Festival and London’s Stylist Restival.

Using fun, practical techniques, Kareen's down to earth humour and playful approach challenges audiences to explore and smile while they learn. With over 15 years experience helping individuals and organisations through change, Kareen has a knack of connecting with a crowd and provides mindfulness skills for those looking to do the same. Her sessions also focus on methods which are easily integrated into our everyday routines, such as mindful eating and breathing techniques.

Kareen brings fun, creativity and passion to every event to create a safe space for all and is dedicated to helping others find inner calm so that they can thrive in life.

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I'm Patience,  owner and mindset coach at Otentik Mindset. I'm passionate in helping women exist in their creative realm authentically. 

I believe every woman needs to be elevated as the Queen's they are. 

Life was a challenge for me, until I hit my thirties.

I felt deeply that life had happened to me and I started believing this to be the ultimate truth, until I flipped the narrative and started to lead a path in alignment with my deepest desires. 

I took it upon myself to purposefully bring LOVE into my life and make it radiate in my world and others around me. I developed a love for Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), which I apply on a daily basis in my life.


I was so taken by the release I experienced that I decided to share my knowledge with others so that they could also find release within. Coupled with the knowledge and expertise I developed with NLP and timeline coaching, my work feels purposefully aligned.

Visit my to read more about my offerings.




Hi, I’m Martine and I offer Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga and Sound Healing.

My own healing journey lead me to the world of kundalini yoga, breathwork and sound healing.

Combining these skills with lifelong musicianship, my sessions are lead with deep intuitive guidance, care, love and openness to explore the present moment.


Martine's mixed heritage of Maltese/African American and foundational roots in London, has shaped Martine into a woman of many worlds, cultures and conditions. Her shaping is continuous, working with the elemental worlds, her deep desire for individual/collective progressivism and the fundamental force of love.

Visit my website, to find out more about my offerings

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Becca is the founder of Balance with Becca, a Transformational Coaching business based in South West London, but proudly operating globally in our hybrid first world.


Becca is a Holistic Wellness advocate and works from this standpoint with her all clients to empower them to examine and transcend their current paradigms through transformational coaching and yogic practises. She currently works 1:1 and in group settings, delivering coaching sessions, yoga and meditation instruction and wellness workshops to individuals and organisations.

A few words from Becca:
"It is my absolute pleasure to be a part of the Soul Care family! I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise as both a Transformational Life Coach and Yoga & Meditation Teacher on the upcoming retreats. I will be offering Transformational Workshops covering different aspects of Wellness as well as Yoga and Meditation classes and I cannot wait to meet each of you."

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Hello it's Akua here, I’m an Independent Travel Agent at Soul Fuel Travel, from sunny London! Well, sometimes! I'm also the retreats Travel Host - keeping you entertained on the minibus, on our UK retreats

I'm responsible for sourcing all the lovely venues where we host The Soul Care Retreat.

I left the fast-paced city life to study social work, and alongside my studies I launched my travel business 2 years ago, booking everything the travel & tourism has to offer; from theatre tickets, spa days and afternoon tea to exotic holidays and staycation homes in the countryside. For me, taking time out to travel and do activities that I enjoy is a form of self-care.

𝗪𝗲 𝗱𝗶𝗱 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗰𝗿𝗼𝘀𝘀 𝗽𝗮𝘁𝗵𝘀 𝗯𝘆 𝗮𝗰𝗰𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗻𝘁!...

Since meeting Amanda in January 2022, and successfully sourcing and securing 2 stunning barn conversions for the launch of The Soul Care Retreat.


I decided to specialise in sourcing venues for holistic wellness retreats aswell as holidays, and activities to fuel your soul. This direction for my business is in complete alignment with my own wellness journey, values, purpose, and mission!




I'm Irene - a singing and piano teacher.  I offer the Contemplative Singing workshops on the retreat. I also offer music sessions for babies, toddlers and their carers.

I'm on a mission to create spaces where adults can feel safe and allowed to rediscover the joy of being playful and their right to music making beyond abilities or talent, while becoming their own healers, in the active creation of music and vibrations.


When I started running playgroups I wanted to offer something more than nursery rhymes, so I started studying the incredible properties of sound and I included music making activities for the adults attending classes, so that they could leave the session revitalised - taking care of little people is no easy task and I thought they deserved some care too.




I'm Amanda,  I'm a Meditation Guide, Alternative Therapist and Founder & Leader of

The Soul Care Retreat.
I'm  a Meditation Guide, Vocal Toning Facilitator& Alternative Therapist, with over 7 years experience.


I create sacred spaces and soulful experiences, for women wanting to deepen and nurture their soul connection and I also work with businesses and organisations. 
I weave music, cacao, holistic beauty/massage, crystals and sound into my offerings. Soul Care is caring for you entire being and I love combining my offerings, to give an inside-out experience...

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I'm Charlotte, a dream therapist, a crystal healer (or energy craft woman as I love to say).

I started my own healing journey around 10 years ago and met a special dream therapist, then an incredible energy healer… Such a wonderful, empowering and beautiful path. 

Energy healing and dream work quickly became two passions, two incredible ways for me to express my love for life, my hunger for spreading healing.

I created Deep into soul, my heart business in 2020 to support women struggling with traumas, inner blockages and empower them. 

My graduations in "Aura & Chakra balancing","Crystal healing" and "Dream therapy" helped me to give birth to something unique which I am very proud to propose now. I offer energy healing, and longer supports, to heal deeper, shine brighter and live happier. 

Working with a special combination of energy healing, unconscious work, relaxation and strong shamanic influences, I hold a loving and safe space for my clients to heal, grow, gain in confidence, clarity and authenticity.

My goal is to promote wellness, soul connection, well-being, personal growth and gently support trauma healing.

Visit my website to read more about my offerings.

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Hello, I'm Renee!

I have been working in holistic therapies for over 13 years and I love the benefits my treatments have on clients' wellbeing..  I use the healing hands of Reiki alongside my intuition to take my clients to another level of relaxation.


I love the variation of offering holistic treatments at wellbeing festivals, retreats and as a mobile service across Dorset,  I create a salon experience by providing soft fluffy towels, snuggly blankets, candles, soft music, colour-changing air diffusers, and use the best quality Neal's Yard Oils.


You can usually find me by the sea either walking my dog, sea swimming, paddle boarding, sailing, or having a family BBQ.  The outdoors is my playground!

I offer Indian head massage, Swedish body, reflexology, reiki, hopi candles and seated acupressure. 

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Hi, I'm Lillian...

I will be offering  workshops on everything from  Self-Love, to Self- Confidence, on the retreat.

She went from being afraid to speak in public and battling a lack of confidence and her inner critic to rocking her Inner Queen.
Lillian works with high achieving women to give them the tools to reconnect with their core Feminine Superpower within. Helping them to their fire and power after allowing fear, self-doubt and past failures to erode their confidence. They stop existing and hiding their light when they are born to stand out—embracing all of themselves so that they become that Bold Brazen woman! And stop playing the extra and step out as the leading lady in your life.  
She is a certified NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist who uses NLP and Hypnosis to effect change in her clients,  using NLP tools to enhance her hypnosis sessions.

She has spoken internationally at women’s conferences in Self-Mastery, Confidence-Building and women stepping into leadership. She is also a podcast host who has interviewed founders, owners, and coaches worldwide who have used their skills to change the world for the better for over six years.


Her current show, Shine Out Loud Show, began in 2017, focusing on interviewing creatives, owners and CEO’s from the BAME community. To shine the light on their work and impact in the Uk and across the globe. She has been a bestselling co-author of Success in High Heels, a compilation book of 30 leading female authors, and she complied the book project Born for This! The Journey to Success in Life, Love & Business.


She has a brand new e-book called The 7 Habits That Rob Us of Our Power, which focuses on the habits that stop women from owning their power, and making an impact in their business or career.  




I’m Lillian, Wellness Coach and De-stress Expert. I help professional and business women reduce stress, regain calm, and energy and prevent burnout, so they can cope better with the demands of life, and work. Lillian has experience in the industry stretching over 20 years.




I'm Marcia, I've been practicing yoga for over 25 years and a teacher for 12. I offer two classes  - Healing Yoga, which is focused on understanding the power of breathing, using Egyptian Yoga techniques.

I also offer Smiling Yoga, which utilises music and using the power of your left and right brain, whilst being guided through  a yoga practice that incorporates fun and laughter...


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