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Image by Alexandra Tran


I'm Amanda, Founder of The Soul Care Retreat - the retreat with you in its heart centre. My amazing team and I look forward to hopefully welcoming you at our next edition. 

Image by Alexandra Tran


I AM a  40-something female living a (realistic) soulful existence.

I'm living my purpose, supporting other women seeking the same, through my calling as an Alternative Therapist and Retreat Founder/Leader.  I support them  to connect with self on a deeper level, through practices such as Meditation, Vocal Toning, Crystal & Sound Therapy and curating spaces and experiences that allow for them to be and feel free. 

As a fellow busy woman, I understand that soulful living requires realness. Being real about the 'you time' you have in your day, being committed to allocating yourself that time on a daily basis and choosing practices that actually support your specific soul care needs.

Meditation Over Everything

Meditation is at the heart of all my offerings, infused with one or more of the above mentioned practices crystals, plants, flowers and scent.​

I have been an alternative therapist for more than 7 years, offering treatments workshops and classes in and around London. Throughout that  time, I've found that the common thread that runs through us all is that whilst many of us need it, most of us 'don't have the time' to nurture our soul - the core of our entire being! It's no different from wanting a plant to flourish, but not watering it!

Safe, Sacred Spaces For Women

I wanted to create a safe, sacred space, where women could be their authentic selves, reconnect with who they are and access practices and healing modalities that facilitate the mind, body and soul connection.

You Need Maintenance Too...

A car requires a yearly M.O.T, to make sure it is road worthy.

From time to time, you need to take it to a garage to be repaired.


You feed it oil and water regularly.

You can guarantee, that phone you have in your hand right now, is going to need replacing in a year or so and if you crack the screen, or the charging port needs replacing before that, you'll need to get it repaired.


You Need Repair & Maintenance Too!

All that doing that you're doing, that nurturing, that taking care of...

All that making sure others are ok, WILL take its toll on you, if you don't just withdraw and do YOU sometimes!

If this resonates with you, the time has come to invest in you.

The time has come for you to retreat and reconnect with YOU.

You can't pour from an empty cup - it's time for a refill...​

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