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founders story

I'm Amanda

A 47-year old female living an authentic, intentional soulful existence and living my

purpose, supporting other women seeking the same...


For as long as I can remember, I have always put other first and neglected myself in

the process. For many years I lived from a place of worry... Worrying about what others

think, worrying 'what if' and worrying about what tomorrow held...


Meditation Saved Me

Learning how to go within, to connect to the breath has supported me through so many phases of my life. It has helped me navigate grief, loss, change and made me a better, more mindful human being and I want to share that with you...

I curate spaces safe where women can RELEASE, RESTORE, REJUVENATE and RECONNECT with their highest, authentic selves, through meditation, breathwork, conscious dance, mindful and healing practices. 

​I have been a holistic therapist for more than 8 years, offering treatments and WORTHshops in spaces in and around London. Connecting with a plethora of amazing women along the way. The common thread that connects me and these women, is their need for a sacred space, away from home, where they could 'come home to themselves'. A safe space where they can relinquish their roles as  mother/carer/partner, friend, where they can reconnect with who they truly are

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