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water the garden that is your soul...


I'm Amanda -Founder of The Soul Care Retreat, Meditation & Vocal Toning Guide, Conscious Dance Facilitator and Alternative Therapist.  I have curated this space for women like you, who are ready to put themselves first and live a more soulful, purposeful existence... 

My retreats are a meeting of like-minded souls and facilitate the  connection between you and your soul,  via meditation, breathwork, conscious dance, mindful and healing practices.


The Soul Care Retreat offering is a soulfully curated collaboration between my Soul Care family of soul-led healers, coaches and therapists, who intuitively come together to deliver an uplifting, transformational retreat experience. ​

Here's to your ME chapter,

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Image by Motoki Tonn

The Soul Care Retreat is healing, transformative, meditative retreat experience, that uses mindful and healing practices, that support you to release what no longer serves your highest good and facilitates your connect with self on a deeper, soul level...


Immerse yourself in sunrise and moonlight meditations, mindful mornings, conscious dance sessions, yoga, breathwork and healing treatments/practices...

The Soul Care Retreat strikes the perfect balance, between luxury and simplicity - a sacred space connect with the sun, feel truly held by the beauty and stillness of nature and be free to just BE...

8 wholesome days of, living life at a slower place, reflection,  letting go and fully BEing in your body - immersed and fully present...​

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Deepen your understanding and connection with self

Renew your sense of purpose and what authentically warms your soul

Let go of unhealed trauma, thought patterns and blockages that no longer serve you

Make meaningful connections that continue after the retreat

Leave with a REJUVENATED way of thinking and view of YOUR next chapter

I pride myself on curating a sacred space and retreat experience, that raises the vibrational energy of the women who retreat with us.
Creating a soul sanctuary, infused with crystals, plants, essential oils and candles...
The space is regularly cleansed with sage or palo santo, to send unwanted energy on its way! 

If you would like to find out more the Soul Care Retreat experience, join my next FREE Virtual Retreat &  Q & A session, where you can ask questions and get a taster of some of the classes and workshops you can expect when you retreat with me and my Soul Care Retreat family.


16 - 23 SEPTEMBER 2024


16 - 23 JUNE -

This transformational retreat is for women ready to rebirth.

Women ready to reaffirm who they are

Women ready to live a life true to themselves - a life lived from the soul and with intention.


Focusing on the Root and Sacral chakras, The I Am Retreat is a safe space, for women to do the work on a soul level, to release patterns and people that are no longer in alignment with self.

Immerse yourself in this heart chakra focused, self-love bath, that is The Self-Love Retreat…


The Self-Love Retreat (Part II) is an ode to self-love, a celebration of self - loving the body, skin and soul and breathing in the summer solstice. 


Celica - The Self-Love Edition Feb 2023

What an incredible experience! I always wanted to do a retreat but it’s challenging to know if the experience will live up to your expectation.
Well in this instance Amanda and the team far exceeded any expectation I had initially.
On something like a retreat I think the “vibe” is very important and the genuine care and attention to detail by Amanda and her team really created this safe space that allowed us all to open up and trust more than anything that our stories / feelings were received in such a beautiful manner.
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